What We Do

We provide agile business accounting and tax services that deliver big impact and drive businesses forward. Anyone can maintain; we create. Growth, value, and opportunity – reacting and reshuffling to keep clients on track even when the unexpected enters the equation.

It means we ask the tough questions, move quicker than the industry, continuously evolve, and remain just as ‘in-it’ as our clients.

So, whether you’re thinking of starting a business or ready to take your existing company to the next level, Rock Oak has the knowledge and experience to get you to your goal.


Starting a Business

There’s a lot to consider when you take the leap to start a business, but what might not be so obvious is choosing a business structure. Sole trader, company, partnership, trust – selecting the right structure can save time, money, and headaches down the road. Rock Oak approaches business structure with a strategy-first mindset, making sure that you are on the right track from day one.


Managing a Business

Having a growth mindset doesn’t mean that you run on a constant stream of entrepreneurial decision making and viral think pieces. It means building a solid foundation and growing with steady momentum.

Having up-to-date books and financial records is a big part of that foundation—when you partner with Rock Oak, we handle sales invoicing, debtors, supplier bills and payments, bank reconciliations, and routine check ins. So, while we run the numbers, you can get on with running your business on steady footing.

Growing a Business

Are you ready to elevate your business to unparalleled heights? Imagine a world where uncertainty is minimised, profits are maximised, and growth is inevitable. Welcome to the future of business, powered by state-of-the-art Cash Flow Forecasting reporting and expert CFO services.

Helping inform your next move

Cashflow forecasting has the power to elicit confidence in your big business moves—an asset purchase, new talent acquisition, or perhaps a relocation. Whatever cards you have on the table, you want to make sure that your cashflow supports the hand you want to play.

Exiting a Business

When it comes to your small business, you’ve built more than just an enterprise. You’ve constructed a legacy, a testament to your hard work and passion. Now, wouldn't it be incredible if you could enjoy the fruits of your labour while saving big on taxes?

With Australia's Small Business CGT (Capital Gains Tax) Concessions, you can. If you’re selling business assets or even the entirety of your operation, you may be expecting to pay hefty capital gains tax; however, Rock Oak can help you access concessions that can reduce the payments or eliminate them all together.


Our multi-disciplinary team have the expertise to successfully serve a broad range of clients – including sole traders, start-ups, owner-managed businesses, partnerships, SMEs, and franchises – across a diverse range of industries.

    • Construction
    • Import/Export
    • eCommerce
    • Manufacturing
    • Property
    • Professional Services
    • Hospitality
    • Medical Services
    • Retail