When your books and financial records are in order, you lose the burden of compliance and gain the time to focus on growth.

Having a growth mindset doesn’t mean that you run on a constant stream of entrepreneurial decision making and viral think pieces. It means building a solid foundation and growing with steady momentum. Having up-to-date books and financial records is a big part of that foundation - when you partner with Rock Oak, we handle sales invoicing, debtors, supplier bills and payments, bank reconciliations, and routine check ins. So, while we run the numbers, you can get on with running your business on steady footing.

Cloud Accounting

Moving to Xero’s cloud accounting suite doesn’t simply conjure time, it’s the difference between growth and stagnation.

Cloud-based accounting is certainly sold as a time saver, but the analytical insights offer the most value to SMEs. Sure, you get the speed and efficiency of an automated online operation, but you also sign up for time tracking, cost monitoring, and project profitability analytics. The sophistication of this software also adds value to your client’s experience with invoice reminders, streamlined accounting processes, and reliable data.

  $400 + GST Monthly $800 + GST Monthly $1,500 + GST Monthly
Software Subscription (15% Discount on Xero Monthly Subscription)
Xero Setup
Bank Feeds Integration
Categorisation and Bank Reconiliation Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Preparation and Lodgement of Quarterly Business Activity Statements
Accurate Payroll Processing 1 Employee Up to 10 Employees Up to 20 Employees
Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting
Accurate Payroll Processing for up to 20 Employees
P&L and Balance Sheet Reconciliations
Supplier Management
Automated Supplier Document Collection and Management
Supplier Payment Tracking and Scheduling:
Comprehensive Supplier Reports